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California RV Lemon Law

Many Californians don’t realize that the California Lemon Law, sometimes referred to as the Song Beverly Consumer Warranty Act doesn’t just apply to cars, but also to motor homes and RVs too.

Just like your car, motor homes and RVs are sold with a manufacturer express warranty. What this means is that if you have issues with your RV while it is under the manufacturer’s warranty, the

What Are the Most Common Problems Reported With RVs in California?

Some of the most reported problems reported in by California RV and motor home owners are:

Problems with the transmission such as jumping, lurching, shifting that is jerky, lunging, and otherwise not functioning as it should.

Oil, water, coolant, fuel and other fuel leaks

Engine problems such as performing in a sluggish manner, loss of power and engine failure

Axel, brakes, and/or transmission vibrations

Problems with the Electrical

Crank Shaft Problems

Brakes overheating or failing

Check engine and other warning lights turn on repeatedly

Leaks in the gas tank

Problems with Steering

Peeling paint or improperly manufactured chassis

Heating and AC issues

Frame defects

Capacity, cargo or weight specifications

How Does the California Lemon Law Protect RV and Motor Home Owners?

RV Lemon Law

In California, the Lemon Law specifically protects “new motor vehicles. In addition to brand new passenger trucks, SUVs and cars, certain components found in motor homes or RVs do fall under this classification.

California Lemon Law does provide you with coverage for the propulsion systems, chassis, and chassis cab because these specific components of your motor home or RV are the motor vehicle part of your RV or motor home.

The California Lemon Law does not cover the living space in your RV, but there are some provisions of the law that could provide you with coverage. For example, if the living space in your motor home or RV has a written factory warranty from the manufacturer, you may have the opportunity to receive monetary compensation for your RV or motor home.

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