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California Lemon Law Rules

If you leased or purchased a motor vehicle in California and it’s been in the shop being repaired for repeated issues, the lemon laws in California may be able to assist you in getting your money back.

California, and other states have consumer protection laws that are in place to protect you if you have leased or purchased a product that hasn’t performed, which are the California Lemon Laws.

What Kind of Protection Do the California Lemon Laws Provide?

Under the California Lemon Laws, you may be protected if you leased or purchased a vehicle or other consumer goods for your family, household, or personal use. These laws apply to most goods with a few exceptions such as clothes, fruits, vegetables, over-the counter medication, and cosmetics.

If the manufacturer of your defective product can’t repair the product or vehicle after a few repair attempts, then, in California, the manufacturer must replace or issue a refund to you for the product that is defective.

California Lemon Law

What Exactly Do Lemon Laws Do in California?

In California, the lemon laws say that the manufacturer of certain products must:

If you have bought or leased a new or used motor vehicle that came with a manufacturer’s warranty, California’s lemon laws may offer you some protection. If the manufacturer or the seller of your warranted motor vehicle cannot repair your vehicle after a reasonable number of repair attempts, they must pay for your consequential and incidental costs.

It’s important to note that what a ‘reasonable number of repair attempts” looks like is totally depends on how serious the defect is, but as a general rule, safety defects should require fewer attempts at repair than a non-safety issue.

What Are My Rights as a Consumer in California?

You may be unsure of your rights if you’ve purchased or leased a defective vehicle or other good. We may be so unsure of our rights that we just end up tossing the product into the garbage and buy a replacement.

California lemon laws are in place to protect you from a defective product and provide you with compensation.
Lemon Law Los Angeles

What Exactly Do Lemon Laws Do in California?

In California, the lemon laws provide you with the following types of remedies if you are the owner of a motor vehicle:

If you or a loved one has leased or bought a defective vehicle or other product and the manufacturer or seller of that product doesn’t cooperate with you when it comes to offering you a refund or replacement, then you should contact the experienced attorneys at Alpha Law Firm at (323)51-LEMON (53666).


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