GM Lemon Law


GM Lemon Law

Everyone, at some point in their life, has owned a lemon. That is, a car that continues to break down no matter how times you take it in for repairs.

The GM Lemon Law was enacted to protect vehicle owners from faulty manufacturing and from manufacturers who beat around the bush during repairs. If you suspect you may be in need of a GM Lemon Lawyer, continue reading to see if you’re eligible for monetary compensation or a brand-new vehicle!


Is My GM A Lemon?

You may be eligible for compensation through the GM Lemon Law if you own a General Motors vehicle that is under warranty and has mechanical issue the manufacturer has failed to fix. In general, to qualify as a lemon, your vehicle must have significant issues that prevent the car from working properly and that the manufacturer has not fixed despite having ample opportunity to do so, or your vehicle must have accumulated a significant number of days spent in repair.
The GM Lemon Law defines “significant issues” as problems with the vehicle that negatively affect drivability and/or safety. This could be anything from the brakes to the engine, to the suspension, transmission, or windows.
The following issues are some which may be considered covered under the Lemon law:

“I think my GM is a Lemon. What do I do now?”



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