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Riverside Lemon Lawyer

When you can’t figure out what is wrong with a car, the bills add up fast. Trip after trip to see a mechanic can leave you frustrated and in debt. Why is this happening to you?

It is not your fault. Car manufacturers have a duty to sell you a vehicle that works as promised. When they sell you a new car that has problems right away, they may have sold you a Lemon. 

If you live in Riverside and you suspect your new car might be a Lemon, you need qualified Riverside Lemon Law Attorneys from Alpha Law Firm on your team.

How can Alpha Law Firm help me with my Lemon Law claim in Riverside? 

When you suspect your car is a Lemon you need to act quickly by contacting our Riverside Lemon Law lawyers at Alpha Law Firm. When you hire us to represent you, our team will immediately get to work on things like:
The Lemon Law process can get very complicated, and car manufacturers have aggressive lawyers on their side. You need someone on your team too.

How do I know if my Riverside car is a Lemon?

The California Legislature has passed laws that protect consumers like you from shady car dealers and manufacturers.  Under California Lemon Law, your car may be a Lemon if it:
Problems with the vehicle appeared and you tried to fix them within 18 months or 18,000 miles of purchase.

Each of these elements to prove your car is a Lemon will involve arguments by attorneys at arbitration or in court. Don’t try to handle this confusing process alone, contact Alpha Law Firm for help.

Lemon Law Process

What is my Lemon Law claim worth in Riverside?

The value of every case varies. Our Riverside Lemon Law attorneys will analyze your unique situation to properly calculate the amount you can recover. However, if we can prove your car is a Lemon, the manufacturer is responsible for either:

You deserve to get out of the burden the manufacturer put on you by selling you a defective car. Don’t let them get away with the financial damage they have done to you.

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