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We can see why you purchased a Volkswagen – they make beautiful cars. Sometimes however, its what’s on the inside that counts. If your new Volkswagen began exhibiting mechanical problems shortly after you drove it off the lot, it could be a Lemon.

The financial impact and wasted time that come with numerous failed repair attempts can be extremely frustrating. The Lemon Law claim process can be even more exhausting. That’s where our Volkswagen Lemon Law Lawyers come in.

You don’t have to go through the Lemon Law process alone. Our well-qualified team of Volkswagen Lemon Law Attorneys at Alpha Law can take it from here.

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Is my Volkswagen a Lemon?

Legislatures around the country have passed consumer protection laws that help car buyers get out of their defective car and back on their feet. Like any other legal test, this can get complicated. An experienced Volkswagen Lemon Law Lawyer should go over your potential claim with you. Some general requirements for a vehicle to be a Lemon in California are:
  1. A warranty still covers the vehicle; and
  2. Volkswagen made a reasonable number of repair attempts and still could not fix the car; and
  3. Mechanical issues and trips to the mechanic started within 18 months or 18,000 miles of buying the Volkswagen.

If we successfully prove your Volkswagen is a Lemon you will be entitled to either a “buy-back” or a replacement vehicle, with damages for your repair costs!


We can help you with your Volkswagen Lemon.

Lemons come in many different shapes and sizes. We can handle your Volkswagen Lemon Law claim no matter what model you drive. If you hire the Alpha Law team we will get to work right away gathering and preserving evidence, negotiating with the car manufacturer, and preparing to argue your case before a judge. Some models we can help with include:
Regardless of which Volkswagen model is giving you a hard time, our attorneys are prepared to help you.
We will help restore you back to where you were before you ever got mixed up with that faulty car!

We can help you with your Volkswagen Lemon.

We will help restore you back to where you were before you ever got mixed up with that faulty car!


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