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If your motor vehicle doesn’t meet the manufacturer’s warranty after it’s undergone a reasonable amount of repairs then it could be classified as a lemon and you may be entitled to a replacement or refund.
If it’s determined that your vehicle is not determined to be a lemon, then you may be entitled to cash compensation under the California lemon laws for the reduced value of your vehicle.
In the state of California, the lemon laws do apply to new or used, leased or bought vehicles that were sold with a written warranty.

If your vehicle qualifies under California’s Lemon Laws, then you could may be eligible for one of the following:

What Are My Refund/Buyback Options in California?

If you bought your vehicle and it’s a lemon, then your refund may include the following:
California Lemon Law Buyback
Please note that if you are not the original owner of your vehicle, your refund will be based on the purchase price, not what the original owner paid for the vehicle.
If you leased your motor vehicle and it turns out it’s a lemon, your refund will then include the following:

What About A Replacement Vehicle?

If the motor vehicle you purchased is a lemon and you are offered a replacement vehicle, the replacement vehicle must be:
Additionally, the manufacturer of the vehicle will be responsible for any license and registration fees and sales tax. The balance of your lease or car loan term will stay with the replacement vehicle.
Before you take possession of your replacement vehicle, if you purchased the vehicle you should contact your lender to learn how they will handle your existing loan. You may be required to obtain a new loan with different terms and conditions. You will also be responsible for any difference in the price of your original vehicle and your replacement vehicle.

What is a Mileage Offset Formula?

If you have a lemon and you receive a replacement or refund, the manufacturer of the vehicle can deduct an offset for the time you drove your vehicle before it had trouble. 

The offset mileage formula is calculated by multiplying your purchase price by the mileage on your vehicle at the time it was first taken in for repair that caused your car to be labeled as a lemon. Then you divide that amount by 120,000 that is the average life expectancy of a vehicle in California.

Cash Compensation Lemon Law

What About Cash Compensation in California?

If the trouble you’re having with your vehicle doesn’t meet the level of it being a lemon, you could be able to receive cash compensation for the diminished value of your vehicle as a result of your problems.

In this type of situation, the manufacturer of your vehicle often will pay you what is referred to as a “cash and keep” type of settlement. This means that you keep your vehicle and get some money for the problems you’ve had with the vehicle. 

Additionally, any remaining warranty will remain in full force and effect.

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