Northern California Lemon Law Lawyer

Northern California Lemon Law

Northern California Lemon Law Lawyer

When a car dealer sells you a defective vehicle, they have to pay. In 2019 alone, California State Certified Arbitrators helped return over $16.6 million dollars to consumers that filed Lemon Law claims. 

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How can a Northern California Lemon Law Lawyer help me?

How can I prove my car is a Lemon?

There are many legal requirements to prove your car is a Lemon. You will need an experienced attorney to help you build your case.

Some of the basic requirements of Lemon Law are that your vehicle:

Because Lemon Law claims arise out of a breach of warranty contract, there are time limits to sue. This time limit is called a Statute of Limitation. In California, Lemon Law claims must typically be made within four years.  Don’t wait to begin pursuing your claim, or it may be time-barred!

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