Best Bay Area Lemon Law Lawyer

Bay Area Lemon Law Lawyer

Bay Area Lemon Law Lawyer

Are you sick of breaking down on the side of the road? Calling repair shops? Being late for work because your car won’t start? 

When you purchased or leased your car you had no idea it would turn out to be a marathon of attempted repairs and disappointment. You’ve acquired a lemon, and there are legal remedies available to you. 

If you think you’ve been sold a defective vehicle, call our Bay Area lemon lawyer at Alpha Law Firm today at (323)51-LEMON (53666). We’re ready to help you get back on the road.

What Does Lemon Law Mean?

There are California and federal laws designed to protect consumers from defective consumer goods, like vehicles. These laws apply to new or used cars, vehicles, and SUVs that have been leased or purchased. If your car has remained in disrepair after a reasonable series of efforts to fix it, you are protected by California Bay Area lemon law (Civ. Code, § 1793.22). The statute mandates the following items:
  1. The continued availability and accessibility of vehicle repair shops in California
  2. Any attempts to fix the vehicle should take no more than 30 days
  3. A limited number of attempts to repair the vehicle
  4. Enforces that the manufacturer replace or repurchase defective vehicles, known as lemons

Contact our Bay Area Lemon Law lawyers today to understand your legal rights after purchasing a defective means of transportation.

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Don’t stand for any more failed attempts at repairing your vehicle. It’s time to get you back in the driver’s seat. Our Bay Area Lemon Law lawyers are here to help you regain your wheels today. If you’ve found yourself browsing the web for “top lemon lawyer Bay Area,” you’ve come to the right place. 

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