Lemon Law Buyback Calculator


It’s always exciting to get a new vehicle. However, that excitement might be replaced with frustration if you’ve had to have it repaired multiple times and you realize you may have purchased a lemon. 

California, along with other states have lemon laws that may protect you in case you have been sold a defective vehicle.

What Lemon Law Solutions Are Available in California?

If your vehicle qualifies for protection under California’s Lemon Law, then you will be entitled to one of the following solutions:

1. Replacement of the Vehicle

In this situation, the dealership that you purchased your vehicle from will give you a vehicle that is similar to the one you purchased. This new motor vehicle should come equipped with the same options as your other vehicle, and, if it is applicable, the dealership will give you the same service contract. 

You could also be entitled to receive a reimbursement for any fees that you contracted including any expenses for towing, rental vehicles, etc.

However, be aware that you could be made responsible for any price differences and usage fees for the time that you drove your first car without having any issues. The Los Angeles lawyers at Alpha Law Firm can assist you with the proper solutions for your particular set of circumstances.

2. Refund or Buyback

You may also have the option of having your defective vehicle bought back by the manufacturer and this option involves the following:

How Can I Calculate My California Lemon Law Refund?

How your refund is calculated will all depend on how you answer the following questions:

It’s important to note that every lemon law case is different, and you should speak to an experienced California Lemon Law lawyer about your individual circumstances.

Additionally, if you leased your vehicle instead of buying it, your refund may consist of the same expenses as outlined above, except the remaining balance of your lease obligation will be paid off instead of a remaining balance on a loan.

What Can I Do If I Bought A Lemon in California?

In order to have leverage in your lemon law case, and to assist your California lemon law lawyer you should take the following steps:

1. Take notes about any communication, including telephone calls with the manufacturer of your defective vehicle. This includes the date, time, who you spoke with etc.
2. Speak with the manufacturer of your defective vehicle as soon as possible after it’s been determined your vehicle meets California’s lemon law criteria. Tell them  that you are starting the buyback process

3. Hire a lemon law lawyer. In the Los Angeles area you can contact: Alpha Law Firm at (323)51-LEMON (53666) to assist you with your case.

4. Conduct research on the make and model of your defective vehicle to find out of the defects in your vehicle are systemic.

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