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Having an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) can be a dream for those of us who enjoy the outdoors. Unfortunately for some, an ATV purchase has turned into a nightmare of repair shop visit after repair shop visit. California observes a consumer-protection law known as lemon law. When your ATV begins exhibiting issues, you may be wondering does lemon law apply to an ATV. The answer isn’t simple, as California lemon law doesn’t specifically cover ATVs. However, there are still some legal options that consumers may have under certain provisions.

On this page, we’ll discuss ATV lemon law considerations, and what you need to know if you’ve purchased a defective vehicle. If you think you have a lemon, call our consumer protection attorneys today to understand your legal options.

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Does Lemon Law Apply to ATVs?

As stated above, California’s Lemon Law does not specifically cover ATVs. However, specific provisions of California’s Lemon Law do protect consumers against manufacturers to some extent. This is within the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act. This provision provides a route to impose consequences on manufacturers who sell defective products to consumers. This Consumer Electronics Lemon Law covers implied or expressed warranties of all consumer goods sold at retail in the state of California.

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The complexity of this law makes it vital that consumers contact an experienced lemon law attorney to help navigate the claim process to get an appropriate and sufficient recovery.

Common Problems with ATV Lemons

ATVs and other off-road vehicles are inherently more dangerous to operate than regular motor vehicles, like cars. When the ATV is defective, its malfunctions can make it even more dangerous. These safety malfunctions in ATVs are categorized in a few different ways:

Manufacturing issues

From faulty systems and defective parts, several things can go wrong during the manufacturing process. These issues can cause detrimental malfunctions in the vehicle that can result in severe accidents.

Design defect

Similarly, ATV design defects can cause major accidents, including rollovers.

Warning failure

The manufacturer is mandated to provide adequate warnings of the potential dangers that come with operating an ATV. If these warnings are not made known to the consumer, the manufacturer could be held liable for any accidents and subsequent damages.
If you think you have a lemon, do not take any chances. An ATV lemon can be extremely dangerous and cause severe and life-threatening injuries. If you need help navigating the results of buying a defective ATV, call our lemon law lawyers in Orange County today.

ATV Safety Laws to Know

California has enacted some legislation to keep operators of off-road vehicles safer. To protect your potential ATV lemon law Los Angeles case, it’s important that you not violate any safety laws. The safety laws to follow include:


California mandates that ATVs must be registered and titled. While they cannot be registered under the state’s vehicle code, they must be registered as “off-road vehicles” and are required to have plates.

Auto Renewal

This registration must be renewed annually.

Helmet Requirements

When operating the vehicle on public property you must wear a helmet.

Carrying Passengers

Unless the vehicle is designed to carry more than one passenger, ATV operators are prohibited from doing so.

Road Rules

Operating the ATV on roads is not permitted, unless you are crossing the road.
Consumer violation of any of these safety regulations could jeopardize any future cases against ATV manufacturers.

Potential Remedies for an ATV Lemon

If you have purchased a defective off-road vehicle, such as an ATV, there may be legal remedies available to you. If your lemon law attorney can prove that your ATV is defective, there are two primary options for you:

1. Repurchase

The manufacturer is required to refund the amount paid for the ATV, including any finance charges and fees. The manufacturer may also have to refund other fees, like shipping, taxes, etc.

2. Replacement

This remedy allows the customer the choice to receive a new, defectless, and similar vehicle. In this event, the manufacturer is required to pay fees and taxes.
Additionally, if you suffered injuries due to a manufacturer error that caused an accident, you may be entitled to additional compensation. If you’ve been hurt, you may file a personal injury suit or product liability claim to facilitate additional recovery.

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