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Central California Lemon Law Lawyer

Car manufacturers have a dirty secret they don’t want you to know. When they sell you a new car that has mechanical problems, a lawyer can help you take advantage of consumer protection laws typically referred to as “Lemon Law.” 

Our qualified Central California Lemon Law Lawyer want to help you take advantage of these legal protections, to get you out of that defective vehicle and back on the road.

Under California law, your car may be a lemon if the following criteria apply:

What happens if I can prove my car is a Lemon? 

Dealerships and manufacturers know exactly how to turn you in circles and confuse you. They might try to make you think that they don’t owe you anything.  Alpha Law Lemon Law lawyers are ready to fight back against Central California car dealers that aren’t giving you the relief you deserve under the law.
If we can prove your car is a Lemon in court or arbitration, you will be entitled to either:
Both of these forms of relief will serve to put you back in the same financial position you were in before the dealership sold you a defective car!

How can I prove my Central California car is a Lemon?

When our Central California Lemon Law lawyers take your case they will immediately get to work building a strong case for you.  They will work on things like:

The Lemon Law process can be complex, and large car manufacturers are always prepared to lawyer up. Don’t try to take on a massive corporation by yourself. You need experienced legal counsel on your side.

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Our Central California Lemon Law lawyers at Alpha Law are ready to help you throughout the region.  Here are some of the cities we serve:
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