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How Do I File a Lemon Law Claim In California?

If you have bought a motor vehicle in California, and believe you have a ‘lemon’, then the lemon laws in California could help you get back your money. There are consumer protection laws in place that may apply to you if you have leased or bought a vehicle you believe to be a lemon.

1. Make Sure You Take Your Motor Vehicle for Repairs:

In order to have your lemon law claim be stronger, you must have had several repairs for the same problem. Sometimes a vehicle may only have the problem occasionally, or you feel you are too busy to take your vehicle in for repair. 

Don’t delay! 

A motor vehicle manufacturer is not required to correct a problem they don’t know about. It’s important to note that you must allow the motor vehicle manufacturer the opportunities to repair your vehicle properly in order to have a valid California lemon law claim.

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2. Report Any and All Problems and/or Concerns:

When you take your vehicle in for any repair, make sure that every problem and/or concerned is written down on the repair slip. Additionally, make sure that before you sign for the repair that every problem or concern is on that document.

3. Make Sure You Keep Everything:

It’s vital that you keep all your documentation regarding your motor vehicle if you believe it is a lemon. 

Do not rely on the dealership or manufacturer to keep accurate records of all the work done on your vehicle and keep all documents such as receipts, service orders, and invoices. 

This is especially important if the dealership where you purchased and/or leased your vehicle, or had your vehicle serviced closes you have all the documentation you need.

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4. File Your Claim As Soon As Possible:

After you have had your motor vehicle for multiple repairs for the same problem(s) or concerns it is time to file your lemon law claim. The sooner you can file your lemon law claim the better.

5. Is There a Time Limit to File a Lemon Law Claim in California?

In California the lemon law allows you to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer of your vehicle within four (4) years. This time period begins when the warranty problem first appears and continues as the problem persists for up to four years.
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6. Retain the Services of a Knowledgeable and Experienced California Lemon Law Lawyer

You may be wondering if you need to hire a California lemon law lawyer to assist you in filing your claim. California lemon laws are quite complex. By hiring the knowledgeable and experienced California lawyers at Alpha Law Firm it could make the difference between having your claim be successful and having it denied. Don’t hesitate to protect your rights. 

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