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California Lemon Law, also known as the California Song Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, gives customers a right to return an item that proves defective upon purchase for a new or used car.
If successful, this means the car buyer has the right to receive replacement costs and repair expenses from the seller, if applicable. They are also entitled to compensation for lost time and suffering, among other things. Our experienced Long Beach Lemon Law Lawyer is familiar with the Lemon Law, and is an expert in defending their clients who file a lemon lawsuit.

Do I have to Pay for a Lemon Lawyer’s fee?

A good, experienced Long Beach lemon law lawyer will also work on a contingency fee, which means they receive no money unless the case is resolved in favor of our client. This type of arrangement means that the attorney does not charge any fee unless their client wins their case.

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Long Beach Lemon Law Lawyers are well-versed in all the requirements of the state’s lemon laws, including local regulations and procedures. They are aware of the process and will get you the best results possible.

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