Jaguar Lemon Laws— Here’s What You Should Know

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Jaguar Lemon Law
Jaguar is a brand of vehicle normally associated with luxury and high-class lifestyles, but that doesn’t prevent the occasional faulty automobile from being sold to unsuspecting customers like you. Some estimates hold that nearly one percent of all Jaguars sold are lemons.
So, what do you do if you end up with one?

Jaguar Lemon Law

Although Jaguar is an expensive brand of vehicle, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be considered a lemon under certain circumstances. In general, your Jaguar is likely a lemon if

A) The vehicle has defects that the manufacturer refuses or is unable to fix


B) Your Jaguar has defects and has spent a large amount of time (cumulatively) in the shop and is still not fixed.

By definition, defects are issues with the vehicle that either effect the vehicle’s performance or cause the value to be lower than what it otherwise would be.

Sound like your car?
Here’s what you can do about it:

Consulting A Lemon Law Lawyer

Jaguar lemon laws exist on both state-wide and federal levels to maximize coverage in the nation. These laws require the manufacturer of your Jaguar to either repair, replace, or buy back your faulty Jaguar. If you believe your Jaguar is a lemon and your manufacturer isn’t fixing it, you should consider a consultation with a Lemon Law Lawyer.
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