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Toyota Lemon Law Lawyer LA
There is nothing more frustrating than a new car exhibiting problems right after you drive it off the lot. If you bought a Toyota and it started to show problems soon after your purchase, it could be a Lemon. Alpha Law’s Toyota Lemon Law Lawyer can help you get out of your Lemon and back on the road.
A lot of people buy their Toyota because of Toyota’s reputation for great reliability. Just like every other car brand, Toyota has its fair share of problems though. For instance, Kelly Blue Book notes one fuel pump recall that impacted over a million vehicles.
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Is my Toyota a Lemon?

California law provides the legal test to determine if a car is a Lemon. Applying these legal rules can get complicated, so it is important that you consult with an experienced Toyota Lemon Law Attorney about your case. In general, the requirements for a car to be a Lemon in California are:
  1. The vehicle is still under warranty; and
  2. Toyota tried and failed to fix your car after a reasonable number of attempts; and
  3. The problems and repairs began within 18 months or 18,000 miles of getting the car.
If it is determined in arbitration or court that your Toyota is a Lemon, you have two options. First, Toyota can buy your vehicle back and pay for the repair attempts. Second, Toyota can put you in a replacement vehicle and pay you for repairs costs. The choice is yours!

We can help you with your Toyota Lemon

No matter what model of Toyota you purchased, our legal team can help. When you hire us we will get to work preserving evidence and building your case. We will negotiate with the manufacturer and fight your case before a judge if necessary. Common Toyota models include:
Don’t let a big company take advantage of you and treat you like a “little guy.” We will help you stand up and fight back.

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The financial harm caused by a Lemon is too burdensome for consumers to bear. That’s where we come in. 

Our Toyota Lemon Law Lawyer can help you recover financially from the junk vehicle you were sold. 

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