A Comprehensive Guide to the Subaru Lemon Law

Subaru Lemon Law

Company Overview

Subaru Company is a Japanese vehicle manufacturer with a smaller, but dedicated cohort of buyers. Subaru is known for the inclusion of all-wheel drive and the boxer engine layout on almost all vehicle models. All brands, including Subaru, are susceptible to malfunctions, driving problems, and defects. These defects can result in serious injury or death and should be addressed and remedied as soon as possible.
Some of the most common issues and defects include but are not limited to:

The Most Problematic Models

Claims have been made against the following Subaru models:

Your rights under California Lemon Law.

If you have taken your Subaru to an authorized dealer for repairs, you may be eligible for a replacement or reimbursement of the vehicle purchase under the California Lemon Law (Civ. Code, § 1793.22). 

The California Lemon Law applies to all car makes and models sold in California. It covers new and used vehicles as well as purchased or leased vehicles. If your Subaru is defective and cannot be corrected in a reasonable manner, you may be eligible for relief under the California Lemon Law.

CA Lemon Law


Our attorneys are authorities in the area of California lemon law, and we are prepared to help you get relief from your defective vehicle.

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