Oil Consumption Problems and Lemons

Is your new car guzzling oil?  Oil consumption problems and Lemons go hand in hand.  It is simply not normal or acceptable for a new car to have oil consumption problems. 

If your new car is having oil consumption problems, contact our Lemon Law Lawyers at Alpha Law for a free consultation about your case.  

What is an Oil Consumption Problem?

Oil consumption problems are expected in old cars with over 100,000 miles that have leaky or worn out parts.  New cars with modern technology are designed to be very efficient.  This makes it extremely out of the ordinary to have a new car burning a bunch of oil.  

If your check engine light or oil pressure keeps saying to top it off, you’ve got a problem.  In our experience, an oil consumption problem is a red flag your car may be a Lemon. 

If you have oil consumption issues it is important that you take the car back to the manufacturer every single time you need the oil replaced.  This way there is a paper trail and documentation of the issues.  This will be important to building your Lemon Law claim down the road. 

What is a Lemon?

California law provides the framework that defines what a Lemon is.  Speaking generally, a Lemon is a new car that has mechanical problems shortly after purchase that the manufacturer is not able to repair. Some more specific requirements for a car to be labeled a Lemon in court include: 

  1. A warranty is still in place covering your car; and
  2. The car manufacturer has made a reasonable number of repair attempts and cannot fix the car; and 
  3. Mechanical issues set on, and repairs attempted, within 18 months or 18,000 miles of getting the car.

If we successfully prove in court or arbitration that your car is a Lemon, you are eligible for remedies designed to compensate you for your trouble.  These remedies include vehicle Buy-Back or a Replacement vehicle, with damages for things like repair and transportation costs.  You can also recover Attorney’s Fees from the manufacturer. 

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Every Lemon Law claim is different, and an experienced Lemon Law Lawyer should assess your case with you.  Oil consumption problems and Lemons is something we are accustomed to dealing with.  Don’t jeopardize your claim by waiting any longer.  

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