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Did your manufacturer knowingly sell you a defective car, putting you and your family at risk. We help people stand up to manufacturers to get a refund for their lemon.

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Are you having reoccurring car problems that cannot be fixed. Check out some of our recent settlements. 

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No money out of pocket. Manufacturer pays when we win your case.

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Got a LEMON?

You may be entitled to:


You may be entitled to get a REFUND for all of your car payments minus the mileage offset. This includes your down payment and registration. 

You return the vehicle and the manufacturer pays any outstanding loan balance on the vehicle. 


Cash compensation is where the manufacturer will give you money and you get to KEEP the vehicle. That is right. You get to KEEP the vehicle. 

You keep any loan and existing warranty on the car. The only difference is that you cannot sue the manufacturer for a lemon law claim at a latter time for any car problems you may have.


A replacement vehicle is where the manufacturer will give you a similar vehicle. 

You get a similar model car.


Alpha Law Firm is a leader in lemon law. We provide each client individualized attention and evaluate each case based on our clients goals to help them MAXIMUM COMPENSATION for your lemon.
If you’re in need of a California lemon law attorney, we are here to help 24/7. See if you qualify for a lemon today!

You may be entitled to a REFUND for your car payments or a CASH SETTLEMENT!

See if your vehice is a lemon with Confidence!

Alpha Law Firm strives to help our clients get what they are entitled to. To ensure we provide the best representation we get to know what our clients want to accomplish. We want to get to know you so that our attorney can offer you the ideal solution. This way we can advocate for your needs. If you’re in need of a lemon law expert, we are here to help you get the best option possible. See if you qualify for a lemon today

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Alpha Law Firm strives to find what is the best solutions for our clients needs. We help our clients to turn their lemon into a refund, cash settlement or replacement vehicle.

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