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Many consumers do not know what rights they have when they have car problems. Such as, getting a refund for your car or a cash settlement. If this is something you or a friend is interested in, you should request a consultation from a reputable California Lemon Law firm that has expert and experienced lemon law lawyers.

What can I get for claiming a Lemon Law Case?

Under the California Lemon Law, the manufacturer of the vehicle must either repair or replace the car free of charge provided that your vehicle is still under warranty. If they fail to fix the issue after repeated attempts you may be entitled to a refund, cash settlement, or a replacement vehicle. Some stateslemon laws also cover new or used vehicles.
How do you know if your car is protectued under such a law? The key is to find out what the requirements are for that particular state and then check if you meet them or not. Alternatively, you can contact Alpha Law Firm and speak with the Best Whittier Lemon Law Attorney.

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