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Alpha Law Firm is one of the top Calabas Lemon Law Attorney. The team at Alpha Law Firm prides itself on being “non-invasive” and keeping customers’ interests at heart. At this juncture in time, many auto manufacturers feel they have addressed any issues with their cars; unfortunately, there are still thousands of these issues that need to be addressed.
This is where the California Lemon Law will come in and ensure all consumers are treated fairly and given a chance to redeem their vehicle.

Is your Car a Lemon?

If your car is leased from a car dealership that is currently facing a lawsuit, you may want to consult a California Lemon Law firm. At Alpha Law Firm, we guarantee that if you do not get compensation we do not charge a fee.
It’s very unfortunate when you’re forced into a lemon lawsuit because you signed a contract with an auto manufacturer when you purchased your automobile. This contract could have stipulated that certain damages would be borne by the automaker, while others were left to the discretion of the consumer. With our team of lawyers representing our clients, we guarantee that our client will be able to recoup their losses, possibly even more than they lost, and gain full compensation for their automobile.

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