INFINITI Lemon Law - What Is It & How Do You Qualify?

Infiniti Lemon Law Lawyer LA

What is the Infiniti Lemon Law?

The Infiniti Lemon Law is a law that protects everyday car buyers like yourself from suffering with recurring or chronic defects that came about in the manufacturing process. Unfortunately, this issue is all too common, and many Infiniti owners are unsure of how to proceed when the manufacturer refuses or is unable to fix the vehicle, despite several attempts.
If you believe you may be in need of an Infiniti Lemon Law Lawyer, read on for more information.

How Can I Tell if my Infiniti is a Lemon?

Your Infiniti may be a lemon if it meets certain criteria, as listed below. If you believe your vehicle meets some or all of these criteria, there may be an easy fix.

Infiniti Lemon Criteria:

You Infiniti may be a lemon if:

“I think my Infiniti is a Lemon. What now?”

If you suspect your Infiniti is a lemon, you may be entitled to either significant financial compensation or a new vehicle. Luckily, obtaining the compensation you’re due is easy.

To begin this process, simply call (323)51-LEMON (53666) or fill out the intake form. Then, sit back and let us take care of the rest. 

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