How much is my Lemon Law case worth?

After being stuck without a car while yours is in the shop, you are probably getting very frustrated.  Lemon vehicles are huge headaches for unfortunate buyers.  Our lawyers know how upsetting this process is for you, and want to help take the stress out of it for you.  The first thing you are probably wondering is how much your Lemon Law case is worth. 

There are a few different types of remedies provided by California Lemon Law.  The main remedies are:

Altogether, the value of this can be quite substantial for you to recover.  The purpose of these remedies is to protect the consumer from unethical practices by car manufacturers.  They serve to put you back in the position you were in before the defective vehicle acted up, and to discourage car manufacturers from selling Lemons, and playing games if they sold one. 

Vehicle Buy-Back, Replacement, and Incidental Damages

The cornerstones of Lemon Law are Buy-Back and Replacement.  When you ask how much is your Lemon Law case worth, this is where we start. Vehicle Buy-Back means the manufacturer pays you the amount you have spent on the down payment and any monthly payments. 

Vehicle Replacement means the manufacturer puts you in a new car that is nearly identical to the old one.  The replacement must come with the same warranties as any other new car.  

You might be thinking, but what about all the money I’ve wasted dealing with this Lemon!?  Don’t worry.  Your Lemon is worth more money than just Buy-Back and Replacement.  Incidental damages are another key piece of Lemon Law.  Incidental Damages compensate you for things like:

  • Repair costs
  • Towing costs
  • Rental car costs

You can also get money for your official fees and taxes that were paid in conjunction with the purchase of the Lemon.  

One important thing to keep in mind is that a Buy-Back payment is reduced by your use of the car before problems arose.  If Replacement is selected, you may have to pay the manufacturer for your use of the old car prior to the problems. 

Civil Penalties and Attorney’s Fees

Another critical piece of California Lemon Law is the attorney’s fees provision.  This provision allows buyers of a Lemon to force the manufacturer to pay for their lawyer if they win!  This protects consumers like you who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford bringing Lemon Law claims. 

Civil Penalties can make your Lemon worth even more.  If we can prove the manufacturer was “willfully” violating Lemon Law, which they sometimes do when they play games with innocent buyers, Courts can impose the Civil Penalty.  This penalty can be up to two times the actual damages in a case. 

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