Range Rover Discovery Lemon Law Attorney In Los Angeles, CA

The Range Rover Discovery is a distinguished model under the Land Rover marque, which is a British brand renowned for its four-wheel drive, off-road adept vehicles. Owned by the multinational automotive company Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), Land Rover has been a part of India’s Tata Motors since 2008. The production of Land Rover vehicles, including the Range Rover Discovery, takes place across various countries, notably Brazil, China, India, Slovakia, and the United Kingdom. Initially introduced by the Rover Company in 1948 as a utility-focused 4WD off-roader, the Land Rover brand, encompassing the Range Rover Discovery, has evolved into a line-up of exclusively upscale and luxurious sport utility vehicles.

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If you’re experiencing persistent and unresolved issues with your Range Rover Discovery, it might be helpful to explore some of our recent settlements. These cases often involve ongoing vehicle problems that have been challenging to fix. By reviewing these settlements, you can gain insights into how similar situations have been addressed and resolved, potentially offering a pathway to a solution for your Range Rover Discovery’s recurring problems.

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¿Tienes un Range Rover LEMON?

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If you’re facing unresolvable issues with your Range Rover Discovery, you might be eligible for a refund. This refund could cover all your car payments, with an adjustment for the mileage you’ve put on the vehicle. It means you could potentially recover the full amount you’ve paid, including your initial down payment and any registration fees.

In this situation, you would return your Range Rover Discovery, and the manufacturer is responsible for settling any remaining balance on your car loan. This type of resolution can provide significant financial relief if your vehicle has been consistently problematic.


In the option of cash compensation, the manufacturer offers you a monetary settlement, and you get to retain your vehicle. This means you receive a sum of cash as a form of compensation for the troubles you’ve experienced, and you continue to own your car.

With this choice, any existing loan and the warranty on your vehicle remain intact. However, it’s crucial to understand that accepting this cash compensation typically includes an agreement that you won’t pursue a lemon law claim against the manufacturer for any future issues with the car. 

This is an important consideration when deciding whether to accept this form of compensation.


In a replacement vehicle arrangement, the manufacturer agrees to provide you with a vehicle that is similar to your current one. This means that if you have unresolved issues with your vehicle, the manufacturer will replace it with another car of a similar model and specification. 

This option can be an ideal solution if you wish to have a vehicle akin to your original choice, but without the problems you’ve encountered.

Es posible que tenga derecho a un REEMBOLSO de los pagos de su coche o a una LIQUIDACIÓN EN EFECTIVO.

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