Electric vehicle lemon law

California Electric Vehicle Lemon Law

Many Californians may not be aware that the California Lemon Law, formally known as the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, applies not only to traditional cars but also to electric vehicles (EVs).

Just like conventional vehicles, electric vehicles are covered by manufacturer warranties. This means that if you encounter persistent issues with your EV while it is under the manufacturer’s warranty period, you may be entitled to protection under the Lemon Law.

How Does the California Lemon Law Protect Electric Vehicle Owners?

Understanding Your Rights

In California, the Lemon Law specifically protects “new motor vehicles,” which includes electric vehicles (EVs) along with traditional cars, trucks, and SUVs. If you’ve purchased an electric vehicle and are experiencing persistent issues covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, you may be eligible for protection under this law.

Under the Electric Vehicle Lemon Law, components related to the propulsion system, chassis, and chassis cab of your EV are considered part of the motor vehicle and thus covered. This means that defects in these essential components may qualify your electric vehicle as a lemon.

Get Help From a Lemon Lawyer Online

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