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If you have purchased a defective or less than quality vehicle from a major car dealer in California, and if you found out that your vehicle is a Lemon, you can file a Lemon Law claim by contacting an Malibu Lemon Law Attorney that are experts of lemon law in the state of California. Under the California lemon law, you have the right to demand a refund for items that are defective or do not function properly before finalizing the sale. But, you must first notify the car dealer or manufacturer of the problem. This will help the manufacturer or dealer to respond quickly so the appropriate action can be taken to correct the problem.

How Do I Know The Lemon Law Applies To Me?

There are certain requirements that must be fulfilled before the law will apply to you.
If this seems familiar to you, contact a Malibu Lemon Law Attorney now to help advocate for your rights.

What if I’m qualified for Lemon Law?

So, if you have been a victim of purchasing a lemon and wish to seek compensation, contact a Malibu Lemon Law Lawyer in the state of California. Contact Alpha Law Firm today so you do not have to wait to get your deserved claim check.
If you are in the process of obtaining either a new or used vehicle and have been the victim of a Lemon Law violation, contact an experienced and qualified Malibu lemon law lawyer as soon as possible.

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