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If you’re experiencing ongoing car problems and want to file a California Lemon Law claim, then it’s very important that you have a good Burbank Lemon Law Lawyer by your side. Most people don’t understand all the requirements to file a successful claim under the law and don’t hire a qualified, knowledgeable and compassionate lawyer to help them. But filing for a case isn’t difficult and it should only take an attorney with the experience and expertise to win you a case.

Know someone that has a Lemon vehicle?

If this has happened to you or somebody else you know. Owning a defective vehicle is frustrating but with an experienced Burbank Lemon Law Lawyer by your side, you could get your vehicle back without spending a fortune on a new one. But first, if you don’t already have a lawyer, make sure they have experience practicing lemon law in California.
Alpha Law Firm specializes in serving clients in the greater Los Angeles area and has te the staff who are experienced in representing people who have purchased a lemon.

How can Lemon Law protect me?

Lemon law protects against purchasing a defective product and entitles you to a refund or replacement vehicle. The experienced and expert lawyer at Alpha Law Firm can help you receive the money you deserve to repair or replace your lemon.
Whether you purchased a new car from a Burbank car dealership, a used car lot or an individual, there are specific laws that apply.

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